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A Few Recent Projects

Before & After 

The room above was a screened in porch before we worked on it......

A carpeted porch....unlivable

A stained ceiling, the louvred windows above the screens and heavy old sliders made this space unlivable.  Furniture Placement was difficult in the main living room because the sliding doors took up most of the walls.

A "During" Photo

We had to remove and replace the entire wall in order to install the French Doors and side windows.

View from the Interior  Living Room

The French Doors and side windows give a totally updated look to this room.  Hardwoods replaced the old carpet, and new paint plus removing the popcorn ceiling gave this living room a face lift.

Now the sofa can be close to the window instead of blocking the access to the sliding doors as was the case previously.

Two Closets Were Combined to Add a Small Bathroom

See the finished bathroom below.

A Closet Was Turned Into a Bathroom

A closet in the living room to the left was removed to provide enough space when combined with the closet shown above.

The additional bathroom adds significantly to the value of the home.